13.12.2023 News:
Oh, and there goes another year. Hard to believe that's it been twelve months again since the last update... but hey, at least it took me only a year, so that's 13 less than the last time. Anyway, massive thanks to all of you for the overwhelmingly positive response to both the Kettenhund 7" itself as well as the return of Capeet as a label. :) "Tarnen und Täuschen" is down to the last few copies now (single digits!) - a re-release might or might not happen eventually, but if you want to get your hands on a copy of the first press, you better don't wait for, let's say, another year.

Also: some new BS to come in 2024. And quite possibly some RT stuff, too. Watch this space.

13.12.2022 News:
...and now it's not under the bed anymore. You probably didn't see it coming (and honestly, I can't blame you, 'cause neither did I, at least until a few months ago), but this has actually happened: a mere 14 years after the last one, there's a new release on Capeet Records!

Released in co-operation with the band themselves and pal Marco's label Contergan Punk, here's "Tarnen und Täuschen", the second 7" of Vienna-based Kettenhund, containing four tracks of ruff and gruff hardcore/punk. Check it out on their bandcamp site, then do yourself a favour and pick up a copy.

Also, while you're here: pretty much all of the old distro goods listed on these pages are still available. So, just in case you feel the urgent need to stock up on little-loved (at least by the discogs crowd) but well-listenable early to mid-00s hardcore/punk, don't hesitate to get in touch.

10.08.2022 News:
Something under the bed is drooling...